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Just to let you know I produce, record, co-write, publish, do great video work, sessions, etc etc There’s links to my work for others on my music page and Video page. For any and all inquiries,  you can contact me at:


For once, it’s great to be home

I just got back from a 2 week trip to Alaska where I did a bunch of shows in that time. It was so great to see old friends and play on stage again! I did more playing live in 2 weeks than I have done all together in the last 2 years probably. It really felt good and made me realize how much I miss playing on a regular basis.I’m talking about the more music/artist centric shows I played where people were really listening, buying CD’s and generally were a real audience. This is what’s it about.

In Alaska, I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in years, recorded Mike Gorder met Jared’s son, Met Kevin’s future bride, and met some really nice new friends. However I have to say I’m really glad to be back home. I loved my time in Alaska and I’ll always return but I feel like Tennessee is my home now. I’ve got my wife and kids here, the music scene is incredible and I feel a real connection to it in a way that I haven’t felt about any place in many years. Alaska will always be there and in fact it really hasn’t changed much at all in the 17 years since I first made my way up the Alaska Highway in my 92 Dodge van. I find that comforting but at the same time I’ve changed so much in that time and maybe that’s as it should be. Life is about evolution and I feel like I’m EXACTLY where I need to be.

So goodbye Alaska until we meet again and I know we shall. I know you’ll probably change little in that time and I know I’ll change more. That’s as it should be.


Here’s the Deal. This Music is too good NOT to get out there!!

Ya know, I was only going to make a limited run or records to sell at shows and for my Alaska tour coming up but man, not to sound conceited but after really listening to this music I really feel it needs to get out there! There are SO MANY potential hits in this 2 EP collection that it demands that I put it out myself until someone else decides to cut these tunes.

That said, I’m going to be asking for your help so I can raise some funds to do a proper radio campaign, make a video and just get these songs out there. Will you help? If so please retweet and reshare.


New Album!!

I’m about to drop a new record of stuff I’ve recorded and written mostly since I’ve been in Nashville. It’s going to be called Nashville Sessions and I’m very proud of the writing and production which I feel is by far my best work yet!  For the online downloadable version I’ve made one 16 track Album which will be available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else very soon. However, if you want physical copies of the record I’ve broken it up into two, 8 song EP’s titled Nashville Sessions and Nashville Sessions 2. This gives ya’ll a choice and frankly it’s easier to sell ep’s which are cheaper, when I’m performing live.

There will be an option for anyone who bought the record to download a non-compressed version via, FLAC or most other formats. If you’re an audiophile and need the highest quality then you’ll email me and I’ll send you a special code where you can go get the high res files 🙂

Anyway, stay tuned for updates and release information. Right now the preliminary release is going to be July 1st as I’m waiting for the record to go live on iTunes.  I’ll have links to where you can buy physical copies of the CD as well!! please reshare and retweet this!!


I’ve been going non-stop for months..

I can’t even remember everything I’ve been working on the past 3 months or so but it’s been fairly relentless and non-stop. In the past week alone, I’ve finished and mixed several originals, recorded and played all the parts on, and mixed 2 originals, recorded 2 demo songs for clients(not mine) completely from scratch(did guitars, bass, vocals, keys and mixed) and wrote, recorded all the parts, and mixed a new song from co-writer’s lyrics…..How The hell did I do this?


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