I don’t Miss Being a Human Jukebox AT ALL!

It’s 2012 and it’s been just over two years since I quit playing predominantly cover tunes, full time, for a living and ya know what? I NEVER ┬áthink about it, I do not miss it and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my creative life! In truth it was killing me softly for a long long time and I was over it 10 years before I quit. I know being able to play music, any music, is a dream for most musicians but ya see, I never saw myself as “most” musicians. I saw myself as an artist. Someone who had something to say that was original and it ate me up inside to have to perform other people’s material in order to get paid work. Such is life!

In the last 2 years I quit doing gigs I hated, attended Film School in Los Angeles for 6 months, got married, started a family, and moved to Nashville to pursue my songwriting/producing dream. Now, I’m literally working toward that dream with some little successes along the way and I’m optimistic about bigger ones to come. No matter what, everyday is filled with the satisfaction that I’m getting better at my craft and art and I’m doing what I want to do within that art. You really can’t ask for anything more, can you?

I’m living proof it’s never too late to go after your dreams, no matter what anyone else tells you. Here’s to hoping 2012 kicks ass for all of us!