Yo Ho Ho, Back to Europe I Go

Without a New CD recorded. Oh well. It’s the first order of business for me when I get home. Isolate myself somewhere for a week and get it done. Didn’t have the space or the ability to get one this time around so it’s no use crying over it. I have 2 CD’s i’m putting out in 2010 and nothing will stop me.

It was a weird year of transition for me on many fronts and it’s still unfolding. The shitty thing is that i’m spending my 2nd Christmas in a row alone in Europe. This one however will be my last as the gig there has gone away. Just as well really. The next time I go back will be on tour doing my own music solely.

Anyway, I know I haven’t blogged here often of late but that will change in the near future. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Peace