Old Pics….

Got some Camera pics and an album of a trip we did across country over summer 02 from FL to Seattle. Fun stuff baby.
UT Goats Laura GNP Sean GNP 2 GNP 2 GNP 2 GNP 2 Glacier NP Sean GNP Deer Yellowstone Laura Yellowstone Sean Yellowstone Old Faithful 2 Old Faithful Cool Cloud Tetons Sean Rocky Mountain 2 Sean Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain View Boulder Sean Overlook Boulder Me With Girls Girls With Fish Brittany Boatin Kendall Boatin Girls On Boat Missouri Sunset Sean Cruisin 0912082339 0818081446 0814081352 0629071911_1 0704072337_1 0713072237_1 0808072118_1 Tiffany Alpine Grill Caprese! Jared Kodiak 1025070021_1 Blackie Chloe Yuki Copenhagen August Hail Storm More Hail Storm J Ro Laura the Photographer Woodrows Sean at night Evan Phillips @ Great Bear SuziQ 1101070405 1030070054a 0916070330 0802072350 0802072012 Mike Gorder Summer 07 Bree NAsty Jordan The Last Of Beemer More Yuki Save Our Country

Update on Europe and Plans 4 Rest of The Year.

Oh my how things never quite go the way you hope they will and in my case that’s the norm. So, I was supposed to do 5 weeks on 2 different cruise ships in the Baltic Sea originally. Work issues with Estonia erased my first 2 weeks but we were holding out that I was going to be able to do the last 3 weeks and 2nd ship but the Estonian Government will not grant me a work visa. The reason for this is because I’m non-EU and probably because i’m American. In any event, American’s who are the best musicians on average on the Troubadour scene in Europe, can’t work for the cruise line that is based in Estonia which screws us and really sets the Estonian Cruise ship company back because they were trying to step up their entertainment quality. Oh well..Lost $6000 on those 3 weeks of work and now I have my Copenhagen gigs starting October 26th which aren’t even remotely as lucrative but I have to work. Basically, I’ve made about 3 grand the entire summer doing limited gigs and studio work so I have no choice but to hit Europe hard and generate some income. There are other opportunities there for me to make money outside of my regular gigs that i’m going to vigorously pursue.

The basic schedule is that I’m leaving here to head to Los Angeles to hang with my best friend Mark, work on music, and chill a bit. It’s looking like the first week of October we are going to hit a recon mission to Costa Rica for a week. I want to check it out for an extended surf trip and Mark wants to take his Russian girlfriend there for a month this winter and he will be retired from his company October 1st, we can get cheap tickets, it’s cheap down there and we will probably going. We will get back from Europe and I’ll chill in Lost Angeles until I leave for Europe from Los Angeles around the 23rd of October. Once I hit the ground running in CPH, I’ll work through the end of January basically killing myself. Will head to FL for a week or 10 days then come home to AK for a visit. After that I will head back to Europe hopefully for some good cruiseship gigs, more St. Mortiz,etc etc. No work that can sustain me back home here in Alaska so I’ll visit and work in Europe. That’s what’s going on and everything after the end of January is fluid. Another tropical vacation is very probable this winter or early spring and more consolidation of my possessions here in Alaska is possible. Why do I need all this stuff here if I’m not here to use it?