Sorry For The Long Absense…

Not much to report. Basically I’m burnt to a crisp and I have less then 4 weeks left over here..I’ve never worked this hard in my life. When it’s all said and done I will have done 16 weeks of playing with 16 days off…Almost 100 gigs in 4 months and it will fucking TOAST you…I’m ready for a vacation in FL and a mellow summer in my Beloved home, Alaska. I will have some deep thoughts and insightful commentary on my stint over here as soon as I can get my head together but right now I’m just trying to nurse my aching hand enough to get through these last weeks. I’ve been going to sleep around 9-10am and sleeping till 6…gigging till 3 or 4 am, hitting the internet cafe and getting back to the Flat when the sun comes up. I’ve met some great and interesting people over here and at least 1000000000000 women who if I gaze into their eyes more then a nano second would easily ensnare my heart. I will be back in the fall but not for 4 months. I could be out of Alaska for 4 months over a winter but not working at this pace. I hate work…I’m an arist and work takes away from my creative juices..In fact…It stops my ability to create until the work winds down and I can assimilate all my experiences once again and arrange them into some cohesive thought.

This summer should be great. I plan to mountain bike, work out, write, record and spend time with friends.(if I have any) On another note, I’m no longer a member of the band Woodrow as those guys have decided to go on as a 3 piece which makes sense because I’m not around much and the economics of 4 piece band don’t work out anymore. Hell, the economics of ANY band do not work out anymore. I hope you all are stocking up on Guns, Ammo, Water and Food. We’re in for some hard times but faith will see us through. Take care and see ya all soon…


27 Days at Sea


This is what happens when you’ve been at sea too long and I surely have! I’m about to get off the Superfast in a few minute and get on the Victoria for a trip back to Stockholm from Estonia. I SHOULD already be gone but I overslept so I had to wait till the ship maneuvers back into position for the passengers to get on..I will get off. I should still have time to go into Tallinn one last time, pick up some supplies and get something to eat before the Victoria departs at 6pm. Oh well. It was a good run but i’m REALLY looking forward at being back on dry land. Tomorrow I will spend the day and night hanging with the incredible Dave Stewart, Street performer and Troubadour! I’ll hang at his gig in Stockholm tomorrow night, crash at his place and grab the train back to Denmark Tuesday. Tallyho!