March 2011 Update.

Hi all. I thought I should update you on what’s been going on with me in light of the fact I keep posting demo videos of new tunes i’m writing but I haven’t gotten any new albums out yet. Here’s what I have been doing.

In November/December I went to FL and recorded basic tracks for an upcoming full production Rock/Americana flavored album. Right now Mark Cohn is working on Keyboard and percussion tracks for that but the project is in limbo due to a serious difference opinions between the executive producer and I. We’re trying to work through that so I can use the tracks he financed but even if we can’t, I will finish the album myself, retracking the parts I didn’t pay for myself and the album will come out.

Also, I’m in the pre-production phase of putting together a series of Acoustic based EP’s which will be 6 songs a piece and I hope to have one completed and released by the summer with at least one more before the end ofr the year. These will be completely done in my own studio in Nashville and be acoustic, percussion and piano at most and the songs will call for that kind of stripped down production.

Lastly, I’m currently working very very hard, writing songs everyday while we are still here in New Jersey waiting to move to Nashville. I’m NOT sitting around!! Writing songs takes a lot of focus and hard work and sometimes it’s slow going, sometimes they come out FAST! The main thing is to keep working and work through any frustrations. As far as when we will be relocating it should be any day now. Unfortunately, I don’t have the facilities here to do any real quality recording so I’ll have to wait until my studio is set up in Nashville before I can start working on the Acoustic EP’s….Anyway, that’s what’s been going in a nutshell. ‘ll keep ya posted.

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