Trains, Trains Those Magnificent Trains!

Again, it’s the Trains stupid….Simply put this mode of transportation in Europe is elegant, near silent, smooth as silk and just plain pleasant. I embarked on a Fast train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden this morning and this having been my 3rd experience on longer distance rail travel in Europe I think I have a good bead on it now. I will state for the record that rail travel in Europe is my favorite mode of transporation in the world!!! It totally beats roadtripping around in a car. Everything you need is available on board; food, drink, lavatory facilities, comfortable seating, good conversation or silence with your iPod and earbuds in. You choose, but it’s all there for ya..And the View! What I saw of Sweden reminded me a bit of British Columbia, Canada, some of the Mat-Su Valley in Alaska where I live and some of other places. The topography varied from rocky tilled farmland and spruce trees to Sub-Acrtic marshlands that we have around my house and I could envision moose meandering about although I did not see any. I know they have many up here as we do at home. I also encountered a lot of hardwooded areas and saw ample evidence of a logging industry about. I like Sweden a lot because it just reminds me more of home and obviously since I live in a place Sweden reminds me more of, that would stand to reason it’s my vibe. As for what I have seen of Stockholm from the Central Train Station to the docks where the ship is, I can say that it’s a VERY beautiful place. Quaint, full of artistic vibe yet modern in many ways that are lightyears ahead of the United States. That has been the case throughout Europe on the whole as well.

Anyway, I’m due to meet someone from the cruiseline here in a 1/2 hour but i’m told I may not be able to get on the ship for several hours and this is very bad when you are on 3 hours sleep like I seem to be on travel days. Oh well. Such is the life of a Troubadour. I’ll keep rolling and hopefully find some internet on the ship to keep ya updated. I’m off and running for a month on the seas. Next stop, Tallinn, Estonia!!

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  1. Wonderful Sean!! It sounds like the most wonderful adventure! Someday soon..gonna have to do that. Just gonna have to do it and not keep waiting! Thanks for all the updates!! Love ya!

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